INSEL is an auto liability insurance program designed to provide commercial auto

liability for drivers while working on contracts obtained on the ROVA, LLC platform.

As a driver, securing the correct auto liability insurance coverage is a requirement to be permitted to enter into contracts on the ROVA, LLC platform.

By participating in INSEL, you receive a $300,000 Combined Single Limit of commercial auto liability coverage providing you protection in the event of an incident while working in the ROVA, LLC platform. It does not require a down payment and you are only charged for when you drive for contracts you enter into on the ROVA, LLC platform.

INSEL does NOT cover vehicle or driver while you are not driving on the ROVA, LLC

platform. You must continue to maintain your personal auto policy for liability coverage

for vehicle registration purposes and when not driving for contracts you obtain on the

ROVA, LLC platform. INSEL does not cover physical damage to driver’s vehicle nor

does it replace state required insurance.

With any questions regarding coverage or a claim please contact Arthur J. Gallagher

Management Services at 816-395-8607

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